Ayurvedic head massage

Traditionally done with Ayurvedic oils, this invigorating head massage helps the mind and body to de-stress by releasing all the fine nerves in the brain. It stimulates the nervous system while simultaneously releasing tension through the head, neck, and shoulders. This head massage can also relieve fatigue, stimulate hair follicles for renewal, and improve complexion.

£45 for 45 minutes

Ayurvedic full body massage

Incorporating synchronized strokes from top to bottom, this massage uses different herbs and oils that correspond to the recipient’s body type. The treatment helps to rid the body of any toxins by bringing them to the surface level. Additionally, it improves blood circulation for congested muscles, lubricates the joints, and relaxes overall tension.

£60 for 60 minutes £80 for 1 1/2hrs £100 for 2hrs


Reiki is an energy treatment centered around the laying on of hands. It helps to align energy points, unlock and displace energy blockages, and improve circulation, all while inspiring a deep, restful state in the recipient. It is a profound treatment of relaxation accompanied by a sensation of radiant heat circulating through the body.

£45 for 45 minutes or £60 for 1hr


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