Why practice Yoga?

If you have been thinking about starting Yoga and haven’t quite made it yet based on fears that maybe you’re not flexible enough and anyway “Yoga is really only for skinny, vegan spiritual warriors” then think again!

Yoga is for everyone. I confidently tell you that when I started my practice some 15 years back I was far from this clichéd image. In-fact you may like to know that I was a meat -eating, drinker who used to stop my teacher during my Yoga classes for cigarette breaks.

Now of course, my diet and life style has changed dramatically, but it was not my intention when I first started, and neither did it happen over night. It has been a gradual process and I am still constantly evolving in my teaching and as a student.

What I want to clarify is that for whatever reason you have for starting, it is valid and accepted as was mine. I feel eternally grateful that I discovered yoga when I did, as it has had one of the greatest impacts on my life, and led me to arrive this far on my journey. I truly believe that each and every experience we are presented with gives us an opportunity to grow and learn.

Throughout my years of travels seeking Yoga teachers, Shamans and spiritual masters, I have come to realise that there’s no better teacher than ourselves.
For this reason I gladly welcome everyone from everywhere for every reason to start Yoga because Yoga is a MAGICAL JOURNEY and can transform us all on so many different levels. Beyond bringing flexibility and good health it will also start to open doors of perception and this is where the true magic and understanding of Yoga begins!

Yoga is a journey and everything will start to unfold in time. There is no hurry to make radical changes over night. It all happens organically as it should which is the beauty of it. All we have to do to begin our journey is switch on the light. ‘Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim…’ BKS Iyengar

I love to share, teach and learn and nothing makes me happier than to be with others who wish to discover their inner truth and who are open to cultivating the same practice. I look forward to meeting all who wish to join and share their experience of the retreats that are offered.

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